What if you find a bird?

Once you know that you’ve found someone’s pet bird. While you might be tempted to keep them, remember that people bond with their birds just like any other pet so they are missing their feathered friend and want them home.

Before giving the bird food or water, please call your local avian veterinarian, animal shelter or Parrot University for recommendations. If the bird has been outside for a long time, it’s important to give them small amounts of water as they may drink too much which can lead to overhydration or water intoxication.

Avian Veterinarians in this area:

Carolina Veterinary Speciliast, Huntersville, NC

Animal Care Hospital of Matthews, Matthews, NC

Griffin Exotics, Kannapolis, NC

Atrium Animal Hospital, Charlotte, NC

All birds found outside and accepted by CPR will be seen by an avian vet, held for 30 days before being added to our adoption program. All medical expenses incurred will be at the owner’s expense.