Adoption Process

Adopters will have:

  • Two classes completed — Parrot 101 and Avian Health & Wellness — within the past six months. Additional classes may be required, depending upon the bird.
  • Completed Parrot Match Application.
  • Spent time bonding with the bird with staff member or trainer. Three visits minimum by appointment only.
  • A completed Adoption Application on file once they have chosen a specific bird.
  • Physical exam by an avian veterinarian completed for other birds in the home within 12 months (negative psittacosis required).
  • Home visit completed, cage, toys, perches and cookware/bakeware approved.
  • Paid the Adoption Fee
    • Fee Schedule Effective January 2020
    • $30 Budgies (Parakeets)
    • $100 Cockatiels and Parrotlets
    • $200 Conures and Quakers
    • $275 Meyer’s Parrots, Senegals, Hahn’s Macaws and all other medium birds
    • $350 Caiques, Amazons, Jardines, Pionus, Severe Macaw and Small Cockatoos (Citron-crested and smaller)
    • $400 Eclectus Parrots, large Cockatoos (Eleonora, Umbrella, Moluccan), large Macaws
    • $500 African Greys

* NOTE: Our adoption fees are standardized to help us cover our adoption and education program costs.  Like any other organization, we certainly could not perform these services without adequate funds.  However, these fees do not cover our program costs, we rely on contributions from kind donors to sustain our overall efforts.


All cages purchased outside Parrot U or CPR must be approved prior to purchase

  • Parakeet, Cockatiel, Lovebird
  •  Ringneck, Conure, Meyers, Quaker, Lories and Lorikeets, Senegal, Hans macaw, two small birds
  • Jardine, African Grey, Amazon, Caique, Eclectus, Small Cockatoo, Some Mini Macaws
  • Large Cockatoo, Large Macaw


22w x 17d

26w x 20d

32w x 23d

40w x 30d



CPR requires a minimum of three appropriate perches and three appropriate toys

*NOTE: Cage size is subject to change depending on the individual bird and is at the discretion of Companion Parrots Re-Homed