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Join us for a class about the science of behavior and learn how we can apply those concepts to the birds in our homes. This class is good for people who are new to parrots as well as for those who have had parrots for long time. There is always something new to learn to give our parrots a better life!

Debbie will talk about how and what to train, and help us understand the connection between what we do and our bird’s behavior.

Debbie is certified as a trainer and behavior consultant. She combines those two disciplines to help people with their parrots and to help give birds the skills they need to succeed in their homes. She is also an instructor at Companion Animal Sciences Institute, a teaching assistant for Living and Learning with Animals, and the owner of Parrot Ps and Qs.

This event will not be recorded, so must be attended live online via Zoom. Sign up at the Link below:

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