Parrot Match Application for Adoption and Quarantine

Adopting or Quarantining a Parrot from CPR

Thank you for your interest in adopting/quarantining a parrot from Companion Parrots Re-Homed. Please review the following before you complete and return the Parrot Match questionnaire. If you are applying to quarantine a parrot, please complete the application and indicate that you are applying to do quarantine in the “other information” box just before the signature line.

Living with a parrot may be one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of your life, and parrots demand patience and dedication from their guardians.

Companion Parrots Re-Homed remains strongly committed to the welfare of the birds relinquished to us. The following process has been designed to guarantee that every parrot in our care will be placed in a permanent, or long-term, caring home.

NOTE: If you have other parrots in the home, we require that they have a wellness exam by an avian vet in the last year and be swabbed for a zoonotic disease, psittacosis, once in their lifetime (as long as they have not been around other birds that have not been tested).

Steps of the Adoption Process
1. Attend two classes that satisfy our education  requirement for adoption. These classes are free and offered bi-monthly on the second and fourth weekends. Check the class schedule by clicking the Education menu calendar tab at for details about Parrot 101 and Avian Health & Wellness. These  classes are required for adoption. We encourage everyone to attend a behavior class as well, particularly for those adopting larger birds.
2. A Parrot Match questionnaire/application will be emailed to you after attending your required classes. Complete and submit.
3. The Adoption Coordinator uses the information in this questionnaire to find parrots who are good candidates for your family.
4. Have a virtual home visit to further personalize the match making process. We want to ensure a great placement from the start! We urge that all household members be present during the virtual home visit, because this is a family decision.
5. If you decide to adopt, you sign an adoption agreement and pay the associated fee.

Why Do We Charge Adoption Fees?
Please Note: For all birds, THERE IS AN ADOPTION FEE. This includes and may not be limited to the cost of medical care and treatment. Many of our birds have additional tests for diseases or other procedures, depending on their environment prior to relinquishment. Most of our parrots also have a blood chemistry test performed. Vet costs vary with birds depending on their general health and basic condition. If we did not have fees, we could not sustain our adoption program and services.

A Note About Cages. . .
We believe that all parrots deserve the largest cage possible. Round cages and corner cages are not appropriate for any parrot.  Parrots should only be housed in environments that give them lots of room for flapping and foraging; room for a wide variety of perches (cloth, wood, rope, etc); multiple feed dishes to encourage activity and natural foraging instincts; and bar spacing that is an appropriate size. They also deserve and need plenty of time outside the cage.

We will only accept cages from major brands that we recommend as other cage may be reasonable priced but have been verified to contain lead and zinc which is toxic to parrots.

Preferred brands: King’s cages, A&E Cages, California Cages (no longer in business)

Other accepted brands: Prevue Hendryx, Caitec

All cages MUST be approved prior to purchase. Used cages may not contain any rust and may not be altered in any way from their original state.


Thank you for considering adoption or quarantine for one of our parrots. We are committed to finding the right home for each and every bird, and to providing you with the support and information necessary to create the best match possible. Our goal is to find the very best placement for every bird that comes to us, and that is why you are asked to provide the information in this application.

If parrot is intended for a child under the age of 18 years old, Adult/Legal Guardian is legally responsible for the care of the bird and must fill out the application below:

Benefits of our Process:

  • Personalized match making: We gather information about your family through this questionnaire, a virtual home visit, and communication with your adoption coordinator
  • Rehoming as needed: If a placement doesn’t work out – no worries! We take responsibility for the parrot for life, and we find the bird’s next home. Please give us reasonable notice as larger birds may need to be put at the top of our waiting list to come in as soon as we have space available.
  • A wealth of information from bird owners and at our events: Many of our volunteers have had birds for over a decade. Our community is dedicated to learning about parrots and sharing that knowledge.

Please consider the questions on this application carefully. Complete every field, even if the answer is
“I don’t know.” We are all learning together to share our lives with these fascinating and challenging companions, and no one has all of the answers.

The Adoption and Quarantine Steps

  1. Fill out this form and return it to Companion Parrots Re-Homed.
  2. Attend two core class associated with the adoption process-Parrot 101 and Avian Health and Wellness. Classes may be found by going to and clicking the SIGN UP button.
  3. The Adoption Coordinator uses the information in this questionnaire to find parrots that are good candidates for your family when you come to work with a trainer.
  4. Have a virtual home visit to further personalize the match-making process. We want to ensure a great placement from the start.
  5. If you decide to adopt the bird you have been working with, you sign an adoption contract and pay the associated adoption fee.

Before completing this questionnaire . . .
Parrots, when exhibiting natural behaviors, can be loud, destructive, and messy and require a tremendous amount of time and attention. To have a successful relationship, you must learn about the wild nature of parrots and be willing to make potential change in your home environment and your behavior. We are here to help, but parrot care is a big commitment. Consider how flexible your family is and whether a parrot is truly a good choice.

    Contact Information

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    Zip Code















    All boxes below need to be checked in order for the form to be submitted.

    Please read the following statements carefully and check the box provided on the left that you understand and agree to these terms:


    Parakeets: $30
    Parrotlets, cockatiel, lovebird: $100
    Quaker, conure: $200

    Meyer’s parrot, Senegal, Indian Ringneck: $275
    Caique, Jardine, Pionus: $350
    Miniature Macaws: $350
    (Yellow Collared, Severe, Illigers, Hahns)

    Amazon: $350
    Small Cockatoo: $350
    (Eleonora, Citron-crested, Lesser sulphur, Goffin, Ducorps)
    Eclectus: $400
    Large Cockatoo: $400
    (Moluccan, Umbrella)
    Large Macaw: $400
    (Blue and gold, scarlet, military)
    African Grey: $500

    * NOTE: Our adoption fees are standardized to help us cover our adoption and education program costs. Like any other organization, we certainly could not perform these services without adequate funds. However, these fees do not cover our program costs, we rely on contributions from kind donors to sustain our overall efforts.


    All cages purchased outside Parrot U must be approved prior to purchase

    Parakeet, Cockatiel, Lovebird 22w x 17d
    Ringneck, Conure, Meyers, Quaker, Lories and Lorikeets, Senegal, Hans macaw, two small birds 26w x 20d
    Jardine, African Grey, Amazon, Caique, Eclectus, Small Cockatoo, Some Mini Macaws 32w x 23d
    Large Cockatoo, Large Macaw 40w x 30d

    CPR requires a minimum of three appropriate perches and three appropriate toys

    *NOTE: Cage size is subject to change depending on the individual bird and is at the discretion of Companion Parrots Re-Homed