What if your bird is lost?

Companion Parrots Re-Homed does not recommend taking your bird outside unrestrained. No matter how much trust you have with your bird or if it’s wing’s are clipped, it only takes one change in circumstance for you to be distraught searching for your feathered friend. We recommend using an avian specific harness or a carrier when going outside.

Most of the time your bird will fly high up in a tree because they naturally feel safest in the top of the tree. The problem is that most birds don’t know how to fly down. This is an important behavior to train if you are going to keep your parrot fully flighted and will help you if retrieving them is neccessary.

It’s important to keep eyes on your bird if it gets outside. If you loose contact, bring your bird’s cage outside and play familiar sounds, bird noises to intice them to come back. Contact neighbors by walking door to door or using social media apps like nextdoor or Parrot 911.

Please contact local avian vets, animal shelters and Parrot University if your bird has been lost as these will be the organizations most likely to be contacted if your bird if found.