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Juniper Lucky & Sky

Juniper is a male Blue & Gold Macaw of unknown age. Not much is known about Juniper's past, as he came from a less than ideal situation. Despite this, his wonderful personality shines through. This sweet boy was a little shy at first, but has quickly come out of his shell, and is making lots of new friends. Stop by and meet Juniper! Watch Video

Lucky & Sky are a pair of Blue & Gold Macaws that must be adopted together. Lucky is approximately 40 years old and Sky is 8. Lucky has been through several less than ideal homes over the years and has poor vision. Her life completely turned around when she met Sky. He fell head over heels for her. He looks out for her and wants to be right by her side. Both birds are very sweet and are full of personality. Come and meet this special couple! Watch Video

Cocoa is a male Blue & Gold Macaw. He is approximately 28 years old. Cocoa's previous owners had to move, and couldn't take him along. This sweet bird loves to make new friends and to explore new toys. While macaws require a lot of time and attention, Cocoa's sweet personality would make him a great companion for someone looking to bring a big bird into their life. Watch Video

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