Companion Parrots Re-Homed
Companion Parrots Re-Homed

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Chamomile Keemun Darjeeling & Tulsi

Oolong & Chai Sencha

Chamomile & Keemun are a pair of lovebirds; their age is unknown. These sweet little birds are best friends, and must be adopted together. Keemun is the shier of the two, but Chamomile is bringing him out of his shell. Do you have room in your life for a true pair of lovebirds? Watch Video of Chamomile | Watch Video of Keemun

Darjeeling & Tulsi are a pair of lovebirds; age unknown. They are best friends and must be adopted together. They can be a little shy, but are quickly learning to make new friends. These sweet birds would make fantastic companions for someone for smaller birds. Watch Video

Oolong & Chai are female lovebirds of unknown age. These sweet girls will melt your heart with their cute antics and funny personalities. They are best friends, and must be adopted together. Do you have room for a pair of lovebirds in your home? Watch Video

Sencha is a male lovebird of unknown age. This sweet boy is pretty laid back, and loves hanging out with his lovebird buddies. He needs to be adopted with some friends, so he won't be lonely. Come and meet Sencha and the other wonderful lovebirds at CPR. Watch Video