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Beryl Clyde Carrot
Pluto Paprika

Beryl is a male Cherry-headed Conure who will certainly melt your heart. This energetic bird loves to "sing" along will you and chatter along all day long. Since Beryl was found outdoors, we don't know exactly how old he is - but that doesn't seem to matter to Beryl. Once this bird knows you, he'll hop onto your shoulder and hang out with you all day long. Watch Video

Clyde is a 13 year old male Green Cheek Conure. Clyde's previous owner moved away to college and couldn't take him along. This sweet bird loves to play with toys and hang out with his favorite people. Clyde would be a great companion for either someone new to birds, or someone with lots of bird experience. Come see if Clyde is the right fit for your home! Watch Video

Carrot is a female Half-moon Conure who is approximately 4 years old. Smaller than most other Conures, Carrot has a lot of personality packed into a little body. This sweetheart loves to hang out with her favorite people all day. Carrot has yet to meet a treat that she doesn't want to try. This wonderful bird would be a fantastic companion for either someone new to bird ownership, or for someone well accustomed to the joys of having a parrot as a family member. Watch Video

Pluto is a female Green-cheeked Conure who is approximately 2 years old. Pluto's previous owner had to travel for work, and wanted her to find a family that could give her the time and attention she needs. This playful little bird loves to try new things, especially new toys and foods. Looking for your first bird companion? Pluto would make a fantastic choice! Come meet Pluto and see for yourself what a wonderful bird she truly is! Watch Video

Paprika is a male Sun Conure of unknown age who was found outdoors. This bird loves being the center of attention and enjoys playing with toys. This sweet little birdie will warm your heart with his fantastic personality and funny chatter. Come meet Paprika! Watch Video