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Skittles Bandit

Skittles is a male Rose-crowned Conure, approximately 5 years old. Skittles loves to chatter away all day long and play with his toys. This little cutie is very handsome and, once you earn his trust, he is the sweetest little thing! He would be a great choice for someone living in an apartment, or someone who would like a quieter bird in their life. Come meet Skittles and see if he's the bird for you! Watch Video

Bandit is a male Green-cheek Conure, approximately 21 years old. His previous owner had to take a job that required them to travel a lot, and they won’t have enough time for him. Bandit is a very active little guy! He has all the personality of a big bird, but in a tiny body. Green-cheek conures tend to be a bit quieter than some of the other conure species, and this makes them well suited for apartment living, or for a home where things need to be just a little more chill. Watch Video