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Abby Daisy Ricky


Abby is a 3-year old, female Sun Conure. Her previous owner was an elderly woman who could no longer care for her. This precious little cutie will melt your heart with her sweet personality! She's very quick to make friends and easily steps up once she gets to know you. She loves to hang out all day long with her favorite people. Come meet Abby and see if she's the right fit for your family! Watch Video

Daisy is a male Green-cheek Conure who is approximately 5 years old. Daisy's previous owner's new job requires them to travel most of the time, leaving little time for Daisy. Daisy is looking for someone that will give him the attention he deserves. Daisy is such a friendly little bird! His favorite thing to do is to hang out with his favorite people all day. He also likes to whistle and occasionally chatter. Watch Video

Ricky is a male Sun Conure, approximately 6 years old. This friendly guy loves to hang out with his favorite people, and is the life of the party! He loves to chatter and dance and play with his toys. Ricky would be a fantastic choice for either someone new to birds or an experienced bird owner. Come meet Ricky and let his charming personality warm your heart! Watch Video

Skittles is a male Rose-crowned Conure, approximately 5 years old. Skittles loves to chatter away all day long and play with his toys. This little cutie is very handsome and, once you earn his trust, he is the sweetest little thing! He would be a great choice for someone living in an apartment, or someone who would like a quieter bird in their life. Come meet Skittles and see if he's the bird for you! Watch Video