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Sam Big Phoebe

Sam is a 19-year old male Goffin's Cockatoo. Sam's previous owner could no longer care for him due to health issues. This sweet bird can be a little shy when he is getting to know you, but would be a wonderful companion for someone able to give him the extra time and attention he needs. Watch Video

Big is a male Umbrella Cockatoo, approximately 21 years old. Big loves the company of people, and loves to sing and dance. He is also fascinated with toys and enjoys exploring and playing all day. Being a large bird, Big will require a family that can provide him with a lot of time and attention. Come meet Big and see what a sweet boy he really is! Watch Video

Phoebe s a 25-year old, female Umbrella Cockatoo. This sweet girl loves to greet people with a cute "Hello Phoebe!", and is quick to make new friends! She loves getting head scratches, as along as she knows you. Phoebe has what is most likely a pinched nerve in her back causing her chronic pain in her leg and chest. Luckily, we discovered some pain meds that allow Phoebe to live as comfortably as possible, and she happily takes her meds right from the syringe! Phoebe is a complete sweetheart and would make a fantastic companion for an experienced bird owner. Watch Video