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Abe Tiki Robin


Abe is a male Goffins Cockatoo who loves to be the life of the party! This clever boy loves hanging out with people, and is sure to grab your attention. He loves to dance and flap his wings along with music. He's a very chatty little guy, and might say "Come here" or ask you "What are you doing?" Come meet this little guy with a huge personality! Watch Video

Tiki is an Umbrella Cockatoo approximately 40 years old. We're not sure if Tiki is a boy or a girl, but check back soon for an update! Tiki is a curious bird - always eager to check out new toys and investigate what's going on around him. Tiki definitely seems to prefer women, and can be a little shy when meeting new people. Large Cockatoos like Tiki require a lot of attention, and do best in a home where the family is around most of the time and they can get a lot of out of the cage time. Come meet Tiki to see what a cool bird he is! Watch Video

Robin is an Umbrella Cockatoo, approximately 25 years old. We're waiting on confirmation of Robin's gender. Robin's previous owner had to move, and could not take Robin with him. Robin is a sweet bird, who loves to meet new people and is quick to ask for a head rub. He has an easy-going personality, but needs a home where he will receive lots of attention and get to spend several hours outside of his cage daily. Once you meet Robin, he'll melt your heart right away! Watch Video

T-Bird is an Eleanora Cockatoo, approximately 20 years old. We're waiting on confirmation of T-Bird's gender. T-Bird's previous owner had to move and could not take T-Bird with him. T-Bird is a little shy and it can take some time for him to get to know you. Once he opens up, he can be quite the sweet bird. T-Bird is quite active and loves to play with any new toys. He will do best in a home where he can spend several hours outside his cage and receive lots of attention. Watch Video