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Tiki Ozzie

Tiki is an Umbrella Cockatoo approximately 40 years old. We're not sure if Tiki is a boy or a girl, but check back soon for an update! Tiki is a curious bird - always eager to check out new toys and investigate what's going on around him. Tiki definitely seems to prefer women, and can be a little shy when meeting new people. Large Cockatoos like Tiki require a lot of attention, and do best in a home where the family is around most of the time and they can get a lot of out of the cage time. Come meet Tiki to see what a cool bird he is! Watch Video

Ozzie is an Umbrella Cockatoo approximately 16 years old. We're waiting on confirmation of Ozzie's gender. Unfortunately, Ozzie previous owner passed away and Ozzie needs a new home. This little sweetheart is so full of personality! He loves to whistle and sing, has a large vocabulary, and will even imitate snoring! He often greets his human friends with "Hi Ozzie! I love you". Ozzie will do best in a home where he gets several hours of out of cage time per day and access to a play gym. He really needs a lot of one-on-one attention, so someone with a lot of time to devote to him is ideal. Is Ozzie the right bird for your home? Watch Video