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Phoebe Abe Zoey

Captain Chloe Harley

Phoebe is a 25-year old, female Umbrella Cockatoo. This sweet girl loves to greet people with a cute "Hello Phoebe!", and is quick to make new friends! She loves getting head scratches, as along as she knows you. Phoebe has what is most likely a pinched nerve in her back causing her chronic pain in her leg and chest. Luckily, we discovered some pain meds that allow Phoebe to live as comfortably as possible, and she happily takes her meds right from the syringe! Phoebe is a complete sweetheart and would make a fantastic companion for an experienced bird owner. Watch Video

Abe is a male Goffins Cockatoo who loves to be the life of the party! This clever boy loves hanging out with people, and is sure to grab your attention. He loves to dance and flap his wings along with music. He's a very chatty little guy, and might say "Come here" or ask you "What are you doing?" Come meet this little guy with a huge personality! Watch Video

Zoey is a male Lesser Sulfur-crested Cockatoo. Unfortunately, he was abandoned by his previous owners, so we don't know his exact age. Luckily, Zoey has a good vocabulary, so we were able to figure out his name. He regularly tells us "Good bird Zoey" and "Bye Bye Zoey" in just the cutest little voice. A very active boy, he loves to play with his toys and hang out with his favorite people. Come meet Zoey and see if he's the right fit for your home! Watch Video

Captain is a female Citron Cockatoo. She is approximately 31 years old. This sweet girl loves to be the center of attention. While she has a clear preference for men, she gets along well with almost everyone. Her favorite things to do are play with her toys and hang out with her favorite people. She has quite the vocabulary, and might tell you "Hey Captain!" or ask "Whatcha doing?" Watch Video

Chloe is a female Eleonora Cockatoo. She is approximately 13 years old. Her previous family had allergies that prevented them from keeping her. She seems to prefer men, but once she gets to know you, she gets along well with just about everyone. She loves playing with her toys, and making new friends. This sweetie will melt your heart with her cute personality! Do you have room in your home for Chloe?

Harley is a Moluccan Cockatoo of unknown age and gender. Harley was rescued from a less than ideal situation, so very little is known about his/her background. Harley is learning how to play with toys and loves being around people. This bird has a good vocabulary, and loves to whistle. Could Harley be the right bird for you? Watch Video