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Bird Man Clementine Roscoe

Sunny & Boo Boo

Bird Man is a male Cockatiel, approximately 13 years old. His previous owners discovered they were allergic to him and could no longer keep him. Birdman is such a cheerful little guy! Always eager to be where the action is, he is the perfect bird for a family looking for a fun, pint-size companion. Come meet Birdman to see if he's the right fit for your family!
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Clementine is a Cockatiel that is at least 10 years old. She was found outdoors by his previous owner. We're also waiting on confirmation of Clementine’s gender. This little bird is bursting with personality and energy, and loves people! Once he gets to know you, he'll ask for head rubs. Come meet this beautiful bird!
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Roscoe is a male Cockatiel, approximately 8 years old. This little guy loves to whistle and sing, and be around his friends, both avian and human. He really enjoys the company of other cockatiels, so it would be great if he could be adopted with a friend so he's not lonely. Come meet Roscoe to see what a cutie he is. He might be just the right bird for your family!
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Sunny & Boo Boo are a pair of female Cockatiels approximately 13 & 15 years old. Their previous owner had to move away to college and was unable to bring Sunny & Boo Boo with her. Boo Boo is a very social bird, and likes to hang out with her favorite people. Sunny is a more laid-back bird, just enjoying the company of others and is content to entertain herself for hours. Their quiet volume make Sunny & Boo Boo perfect companions for someone living in an apartment or other living situation that prohibits having a louder pet.
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