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Companion Parrots Re-Homed

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Mesquite Walnut Charlie

Oregano Alice Myrtle & Moon

Becky & Charlie

Rowan & Camellia

Elvis & Sky Orion

Walnut & Mesquite are a pair of male budgies approximately 2 years old. Their previous owner became ill and can no longer care for them. They are the best of friends and must be adopted together. Walnut is the more active of the two, but you can always find them playing together or sharing food. These sweet boys are just the cutest, and would be excellent companions for someone looking for a lower maintenance bird. Watch Mesquite's Video
Watch Walnut's Video

Charlie & Oregano are a pair of female budgies. Charlie is approximately 3 years old, but we're not sure of Oregano's exact age, because she was found outdoors. These two came to CPR separately, but became close friends once they arrived, so they need to be adopted together. These little cuties love making new friends and playing with their toys. Looking for a pair of low maintenance birds? These two fit the bill perfectly, and their low volume chirps make them perfect for those living in an apartment. Come meet Charlie & Oregano and let their sweet personalities win you over! Watch Video

Alice is a male budgie approximately 10 years old. Despite the name, he was actually named after the musician Alice Cooper. This little guy is a bit shy, but he loves to be close to his other budgie friends. He loves to play with his toys and makes just the cutest little chirps when he's excited. Alice can get quite lonely if he's by himself, so he needs to be adopted with at least one other budgie. Watch Video

Myrtle & Moon are a pair of female budgies. Moon is about 2 years old, but we're not sure of Myrtle's age, since she was found outdoors. Myrtle & Moon came to CPR separately, and became best friends after meeting each other. They need to be adopted together. These girls are quite the cheerful pair, and love to explore and play with their toys. They are perfect for someone looking for low maintenance birds. Watch Video

Becky & Charlie are a pair of female budgies approximately 5 years old. These two are best friends and must be adopted together. Becky seems to be the more outgoing of the two, but she always includes Charlie in whatever she's up to. You'll always find these two close together, either sharing a meal or just snuggling. If you're looking for some birds to keep you company, who are low maintenance and chatter softly, these two would be a perfect fit for you! Watch Video

Rowan & Camellia are a pair of budgies who were recently found outdoors (separately). They met after coming to CPR, became good friends and need to be adopted together. Because they were found outdoors, we don't know exactly how old they are. They love trying new foods and cuddling together. Their quiet chirps make them the perfect birds for apartment living, or for someone who wants quieter birds. Watch Video

Elvis & Sky are a pair of budgies who were brought to CPR around the same time, and, after they met, they instantly became best friends. They will need to be adopted together. Sky is approximately 4 years old, but we don't know Elvis’s age. Despite being smaller than Sky, Elvis spends all of his time trying to impress her. They spend hours snuggling together and grooming each other. If you're looking for some low maintenance birds, these guys would be perfect for you. Watch Video

Orion is a budgie of unknown age and gender. He/she was recently found outdoors. He is quite friendly to other budgies and people. Always curious, he wants to know exactly what is going on, and be involved in all the activities. Looking for a small friend to keep you company? Orion might be the perfect fit for you. His little chirps are low volume, and he is full of personality. Orion will need to be adopted with at least one other budgie to keep him company.