Companion Parrots Re-Homed
Companion Parrots Re-Homed

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Rowan & Camellia Snowball

Neptune & Pluto Asteroid


Rowan & Camellia are a pair of budgies who were recently found outdoors (separately). They met after coming to CPR, became good friends and need to be adopted together. Because they were found outdoors, we don't know exactly how old they are. They love trying new foods and cuddling together. Their quiet chirps make them the perfect birds for apartment living, or for someone who wants quieter birds. Watch Video

Snowball is a female budgie. She is approximately 3 years old. Unfortunately, her previous family had to move, and couldn't take Snowball with them. She's a very cheerful little budgie, and has made lots of new friends with the other budgies here at CPR. She will need to be adopted with at least one other budgie, so that she doesn't become lonely. Watch Video

Neptune & Pluto are a pair of budgies of unknown age. Both of them are absolutely striking, and are just the cutest pair! They love to snuggle together or share a snack. They would make excellent companions for someone looking for lower maintenance birds, but still with lots of personality! Watch Video

Asteroid is a female budgie. She was recently found outdoors, so we don't know her exact age. Her quiet personality lets her get along well with all the other budgies, and her favorite thing to do is explore new toys. Asteroid would be lonely living by herself, so she will need to be adopted with at least one other budgie friend. Watch Video

Star is a female budgie whose exact age is unknown. She was very lucky that a kind stranger found her when she was lost outdoors. She's simply gorgeous with her bright yellow feathers, and all the boys like to flirt with her. Star will need to have at least one other budgie friend go home with her, as she would get lonely all by herself. Watch Video