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Companion Parrots Re-Homed

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African Greys

Monkey JoJo

Monkey is a female Congo African Grey who is approximately 8 years old. This sweet girl is full of personality! She loves to chatter up a storm and hang out with her favorite people all day long. Monkey loves to play with toys, and is quick to make new friends. Stop by and meet Monkey to see if she's the perfect fit for your home! Watch Video

JoJo is a 4-year old male Timneh African Grey. Timnehs are slightly smaller than the larger Congo African Greys with which most people are familiar. JoJo is a very sweet boy who loves to play with his toys, and enjoys meeting new friends. He has quite a good vocabulary, and is always ready to learn new things. Come meet this little cutie who has all the personality of a Congo African Grey in a slightly smaller package. Watch Video