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African Greys

Peanut Teca Wingnut

Peanut is a female Congo African Grey approximately 28 years old. Her previous owner is an elderly woman who can no longer care for her. While not overly chatty, she does like to greet you in the morning with a "Good morning!" and "Good night" around bed time. She prefers to whistle and imitate fun sounds she hears. Peanut is a very calm bird who mostly prefers to be around her favorite people. Come meet Peanut to see if she could be the perfect bird for your family! Watch Video

Teca is a male Congo African Grey approximately 8 years old. His previous family developed allergies and could not keep him. Although not a big talker, he loves to whistle and make up his own tunes. He can be a little shy when meeting new people, and he's not sure what to think of new toys. But as long as you're patient with him, he always warms up. He prefers to come out to sit on top of his cage and keeps himself occupied for hours with his toys. Come meet Teca to see for yourself what a sweet boy he is! Watch Video

Wingnut is a male Congo African Grey approximately 9 years old. His previous owner just didn't have enough time for him, so he’s looking for a new home. Wingnut is very chatty and loves to be around people. He's very eager to make friends and warms up quickly to new friends. Come meet this sweet boy to see if he could be the perfect fit for your family! Watch Video