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Percy Trey Sugarplum

Lucy Pendleton

Percy is a Quaker parrot. He was found outdoors when he crashed into an office building window. Since he was found outdoors, we don't know his exact age. Gender results are pending, so please check back soon for an update. This sweet little guy was a little shy at first, but is quickly coming out of his shell to make new friends. We're sure that with the right family to give Percy a loving home, he will blossom into a wonderful companion. Watch Video

Trey is a male quaker who is approximately 23 years old. His previous owner died suddenly which left Trey without a home. This sweet boy is very friendly, and his favorite thing to do is hang out with his human friends. Come meet Trey and let him melt your heart with his sweet personality. Watch Video

Sugarplum is an energetic female quaker of unknown age. Sugarplum was recently rescued from a less than ideal situation. This bird loves to hang out with her buddies, and is always curious about what's going on around her. Stop by and meet Sugarplum! Watch Video

Lucy is a 7-year old male Quaker who lived with one family his entire life. Lucy is a pretty laid-back bird who seems happiest when he is hanging out with his favorite people and playing with toys. Come meet this sweet bird and see if he's the right fit for your family! Watch Video

Pendleton is a little bird who is lucky to be with us. This sweet male Quaker was found abandoned in the woods during a very cold period last winter. A good samaritan nursed him back to health, and cared for him while he regained his strength. Since Pendleton was found outdoors, we don't know how old he is. Pendleton would be a great companion for a first-time bird owner or for someone with plenty of bird experience. Come meet Pendleton, and see if he's the right bird for you! Watch Video