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Adoption: Scarlet Adoption: Opal Adoption: Gromate
Adoption: Odie

Scarlet (named for Scarlett O'Hara of Gone with the Wind) is a 17-year old female Eclectus. Scarlett lived her entire life with one family, however, they realized they would soon be too old to care for her, and hoped she could find a younger family to spend the rest of her life with. This sweet, easy going bird likes to make new friends with just about anyone, but seems especially drawn to men. Watch Video

Opal is a female Indian Ringneck of unknown age since she was found outdoors. Opal was a little shy at first, but she's quickly opened up to making new friends. Her favorite treat is grapes, and she loves to do the "wolf whistle." This beautiful bird would make a great companion for either a new or experienced owner. Watch Video

Gromate nicknamed "Grommie", is a very sweet male Jardine's Parrot. He is approximately 18 years old. Sing or play music to Grommie, and he'll show you some serious dance moves. This cutie loves to play with his toys and spend lots of time out of his cage each day. He is quick to make friends with just about anyone, and will ask for head rubs once he gets to know you. Come meet Grommie, he'll melt your heart! Watch Video

Odie is a 3-year old male Senegal. This bird can be a little shy when meeting new people, but he will gladly accept treats and head rubs when he gets to know you. Come meet Odie and see if he's the bird for you. You may get lucky and catch Odie saying "Hey Baby!" Watch Video