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Gipper Poe Carpe
Captain Jack Cricket Charlie

Gipper is a male Jenday Conure who's in his teens. He was rescued by his former owner who found him dumped in a trash can. Gipper lived with Poe (Nanday Conure) and his mom until 2008, when she could no longer care for them and has been at CPR since then. Despite the need for medication and supplemental heat, Gipper has become quite the athlete and training star and can even run an obstacle course. Gipper and Poe are best buddies and these two sweet guys must be adopted together. Watch Video
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Poe is a male Nanday Conure in his teens, who's lived at CPR since 2008. Poe was found outdoors by his previous owner, who kept him and his cage-mate Gipper (Jenday Conure) for 10 years until she could no longer care for them. Poe enjoys training. He targets, turns around and steps up nicely to a tabletop perch. These sweet guys are looking for a loving home. They are the best of friends and must be adopted together. Watch Video
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Carpe is a 24 year old male, Blue Crowned Conure, who has lived at CPR since 2008, when he and his 'sister' and cage-mate Kahlua (Hahn's Macaw) were surrendered. They were later adopted for a short time, but returned due to the owners having to move. Carpe loves to dance and eat walnut treats and he likes to give kisses. Carpe can be heard saying "I'm a good bird" or "I'm a pretty boy" in his clear and sweet voice. Carpe and Kahlua must be adopted together. Carpe is a great bird -- come meet him. Watch Video
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Captain Jack is a 25 year old, male Blue Crowned Conure who has some health issues. Jack found himself homeless two times because of the deaths of his first and second owners. After his third owner became required to travel for work and other family members were unable to administer Jack's medicine, he returned to CPR. Jack wasn't well but was evaluated for a new medication, which he's learned to accept and his health and quality of life have improved. He requires daily medication and some supplemental heat. Jack is a talkative guy who loves to chatter with the other Conures and just wants to be in the middle of the action and observe everything that's going on around him. Watch Video
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Cricket is an adorable, female Sunday Conure (hybrid between a Sun Conure and a Jenday Conure). She first came to CPR following a puppy mill seizure in 2012. Because of her super sweet personality, she was quickly adopted, but after three years, the adoptive family found the noise level of a multiple bird household to be more than they were comfortable with, so Cricket has brightened our doors again. She is used to living in a home with children and other birds. Cricket's charming, playful personality will make her a fabulous companion bird to some lucky person. Watch Video

Charlie is a three year old, male, Cinnamon Green Cheek Conure who was lost and found as a young bird. Recently, Charlie was surrendered because his human didn't have enough time to spend with him. Charlie can perform a number of whistles and clicks and is working on saying "pretty bird". He's a sweet bird, who will make a wonderful companion. Watch Video

Sunny is a nine year old, male Sun Conure. He lived with just one family, but sadly his owners passed away. The owners' family cared for him until he came to CPR. Sunny is a sweetheart of a bird and generally loves people. He'll sit on your hand and cuddle and loves taking a bath under the faucet while you cup your hands. Sunny is a social bird who steps up and says "hello" and "let's go to bed". Watch Video