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Bailey Carpe Bert
Atlas Sinbad

Poe & Gipper – Gipper is a Jenday Conure and Poe is a Nanday conure, Both are male and their ages aren’t known. Their owner rescued them separately 10 years ago (after she found Gipper in a trash can!) and they became a bonded pair while in her home. Due to their Mom’s serious health issues they joined us a couple of years ago. Gipper has feather issues but he has recently started training and is doing well. Both of these guys are very sweet birds and this pair must be adopted together. Watch Video | Gipper Video | More Gipper

Carpe has reopened his "kissing booth" at CPR. Sadly he and Kahlua rejoined us when their new family had to relocate and could not take them along. Carpe is a 25 year old male Blue- crowned Conure. He prefers to step up on your arm from the cage door or a stand, not from inside the cage. He must have his bell and his girlfriend Kahlua with him. They must be adopted together. Watch Video

Bert is a male Patagonian Conure, age unknown. He joined us along with Jamie, a Blue-crown, due to his owner's health. Bert is a very sweet guy but can be quite vocal. He is enthusiastic about training and greatly enjoys the attention. After a training session, he is much quieter as his "energy tank" has been drained. Continuing this will be critical to his success in a home. Positive Reinforcement Training class will be required for adoption. Watch Video

Atlas is a 2-½ year old Jenday Conure that is the poster child for things that should not happen. Atlas was given as a gift to someone who didn't want a bird. Then he was re-gifted to another person who wasn't prepared for the time commitment. The pet store he originally came from certified that he was a "she", but after DNA testing, we know she is a "he". His foster family absolutely adored him and made great progress with training. However, he is very much a Jenday and enjoys hearing himself "vocalize" and his foster family was not able to incorporate his calls into their life. We will work with his next home to find ways to reduce the sounds, but anyone interested must be aware that this species is one of the more vocal ones. This guy surely deserves a loving home, so please help us find one. Watch Video

Sinbad is a female Olive-throated Conure (the first ever at CPR), believed to be at least 20 years old. She was adopted, but was then returned. She'll be working with the trainer on some basic skills so she'll have the tools to succeed in her next home. Come meet this sweet girl. Watch Video