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Gipper Poe Carpe
Sinbad Captain Jack Olive
Pearl Azul Wally

Gipper is a male Jenday Conure who's in his teens. He was rescued by his former owner who found him dumped in a trash can. Gipper lived with Poe (Nanday Conure) and his mom until 2008, when she could no longer care for them and has been at CPR since then. Despite the need for medication and supplemental heat, Gipper has become quite the athlete and training star and can even run an obstacle course. Gipper and Poe are best buddies and these two sweet guys must be adopted together. Watch Video
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Poe is a male Nanday Conure in his teens, who's lived at CPR since 2008. Poe was found outdoors by his previous owner, who kept him and his cage-mate Gipper (Jenday Conure) for 10 years until she could no longer care for them. Poe enjoys training. He targets, turns around and steps up nicely to a tabletop perch. These sweet guys are looking for a loving home. They are the best of friends and must be adopted together. Watch Video
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Carpe is a 24 year old male, Blue Crowned Conure, who has lived at CPR since 2008, when he and his 'sister' and cage-mate Kahlua (Hahn's Macaw) were surrendered. They were later adopted for a short time, but returned due to the owners having to move. Carpe loves to dance and eat walnut treats and he likes to give kisses. Carpe can be heard saying "I'm a good bird" or "I'm a pretty boy" in his clear and sweet voice. Carpe and Kahlua must be adopted together. Carpe is a great bird -- come meet him. Watch Video
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Sinbad is a petite Olive-throated Conure who is believed to be in her twenties. She is very slow to warm up to people, but once she does, she will melt your heart. She tells "stories" in her tiny little voice. We're not sure what's she's saying, but she's very sincere about it! Sinbad is also the quietest Conure we've ever had in the program. Watch Video

Captain Jack is a 25 year old, male Blue Crowned Conure who has some health issues. Jack found himself homeless two times because of the deaths of his first and second owners. After his third owner became required to travel for work and other family members were unable to administer Jack's medicine, he returned to CPR. Jack wasn't well but was evaluated for a new medication, which he's learned to accept and his health and quality of life have improved. He requires daily medication and some supplemental heat. Jack is a talkative guy who loves to chatter with the other Conures and just wants to be in the middle of the action and observe everything that's going on around him. Watch Video
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Olive is the first Red-throated Conure in the CPR adoption program. He was found outdoors, so his age is unknown. The family that found Olive tried bird ownership for a year, but eventually decided it wasn't for them. During that time Olive shared a home with children and dogs. Olive is a beautiful bird who likes to mimic sounds, dance, have his head scratched and listen to music. Please help this guy find a new home. Watch Video

Pearl is a seven year old, male Green Cheek Conure who came to CPR because his owner wasn't able to spend enough time with him. He loves toys with bells and will make you laugh as you watch him bobbing for ice cubes. Pearl can be overheard saying phrases like "pretty, pretty Pearl" and "Be a good Pearl". Green Cheek Conures are great birds for smaller homes due to their size. Come meet this cute bird. Watch Video

Azul is the name we've given this 20 year old, male Blue Crowned Conure that was found outdoors in May, 2015. Azul means "blue" in Spanish and Portuguese. Blue Crowned Conures (the species that was featured in the movie, "Paulie") can live to be in the 30s. They're known for being gentle, intelligent and playful. They're also active and energetic. Azul likes to dance, whistle and give kisses. Watch Video and come meet this sweet guy.

Wally was relinquished in June 2015 when his owners were losing their home and couldn't keep him. He's a Pineapple Conure, which is a color mutation of a Green Cheeked Conure. Pineapples differ by their yellow and cinnamon coloring. Wally is about four years old and has had at least two homes. Although he wasn't handled much prior to joining CPR, he was handled frequently in a previous home and is showing signs that he truly is a social bird. Wally says "hey, buddy" and enjoys sleeping in his tent and playing with toys. His previous owner advises that he prefers women. This beautiful little bird will certainly become the "pineapple" of some adopter's eye soon. Watch Video