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Companion Parrots Re-Homed

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Gipper Poe Carpe
Sinbad Captain Jack Olive

Poe (Nanday Conure) & Gipper (Jenday Conure) are the best of buddies. Gipper is one of our biggest stars at training. He also turned out to be quite an athlete, running an obstacle course at top speed! These little guys just love to train. Poe steps up nicely on a tabletop perch, targets and turns around on the flap of their cage. Their ideal owner? A man with a beard! Those two just love to preen facial hair! Please come meet these special guys that deserve a special new home. Must be adopted together. Watch Video | Gipper Video | More Gipper

Carpe On busy days we can hear a big "AWWW!" from visitors when they see Carpe give one of his favorite people a big slurpy kiss. Carpe used to speak only after 5 p.m., but recently the trainer started reinforcing vocalizations and putting them on cue. So now, it's not unusual at all to hear him say in his very clear and sweet voice, "I'm a good bird!" or "I'm a pretty boy!" If you want to hear an amazing impression, ask him what the rooster says! Carpe needs to be adopted with Kahlua (Hahn's Macaw). They've been the best of buddies and cage-mates for years. Watch Video

Sinbad is a petite Olive-throated Conure who is believed to be in her twenties. She is very slow to warm up to people, but once she does, she will melt your heart. She tells "stories" in her tiny little voice. We're not sure what's she's saying, but she's very sincere about it! Sinbad is also the quietest Conure we've ever had in the program. Watch Video

Captain Jack is a 25 year old Blue-crown Conure. Jack found himself homeless twice, due to the death of his first and second owners. He was adopted by a wonderful family, but recently, his owner was required to travel for a new job, and because other family members were unable to administer Jack's medicine, he's back at CPR. Jack wasn't well when he returned to CPR, but after veterinary evaluation, he was started on a new medication, which he's learned to accept, and his health and quality of life have improved. Watch video and please consider a donation to help pay for Jack's $50 monthly medication so he can live a good life at CPR until he finds a hospice home. Watch Video

Olive is the first Red-throated Conure in the CPR adoption program. He was found outdoors, so his age is unknown. The family that found Olive tried bird ownership for a year, but eventually decided it wasn't for them. During that time Olive shared a home with children and dogs. Olive is a beautiful bird who likes to mimic sounds, dance, have his head scratched and listen to music. Please help this guy find a new home. Watch Video