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Tuey Sammy Popcorn

Reno Sally Maggie

Tuey is a 17-year old male Umbrella Cockatoo, who is just full to the brim with love and energy. While he doesn't know any words just yet, he loves to laugh, can "woof" like a dog, and whistles (he even knows the Andy Griffith tune). He loves to hang out all day with his human friends, and is the life of the party! Watch Video

Sammy is a male Lesser Sulfur-crested Cockatoo who is approximately 14 years old. Sammy's previous owner passed away, and the family could no longer care for him. This sweet guy would be a great option for someone who would like a smaller cockatoo. Come meet Sammy and you might hear him say "Sammy- sweet, sweet!" Watch Video

Popcorn is a 15 year old male Ducorps Cockatoo. He may be small for a Cockatoo, but this little guy is full of energy! Popcorn's previous owner passed so he came to CPR looking to find a new home. This energetic little guy loves to play with toys and chatter all day for anyone around to listen. Come meet Popcorn and see if he's the right fit for you! Watch Video |

Reno is a 24 year old female Citron Cockatoo. Reno has only lived with one family. Due to life changes, Reno's family couldn't continue to provide the time and attention she deserved. Reno loves to play with toys and is quite interactive. This wonderful bird is now looking to find a new home; could that home be yours? Watch Video |

Sally is a male Goffin's Cockatoo who is approximately 30 years old. Sally's previous owner passed away and the family was unable to keep him. While Sally was a little shy at first, he has started coming out of his shell and making new friends. Sally has all the personality of a bigger Cockatoo wrapped up in a smaller package. Come meet Sally and see if he's the right fit for you! Watch Video |

Maggie is a male Moluccan Cockatoo who is approximately 10 years old. Maggie's previous owners could no longer care for him but they were confident he would find a wonderful new home through CPR. This guy loves to dance and whistle and loves to be the center of attention. While Maggie can sometimes be quite loud, we're certain he will be a wonderful companion for the right family. Come meet Maggie for yourself and see his lovable personality in person. Watch Video |