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Everest and Zuma Lazuli
Lazuli Perky Citrine

Everest and Zuma are two female budgies that are approximately two years old. They love millet and you will find them often hanging on a piece happily eating. Watch Video

Ricky and Lucy are a pair of female budgies that came together from their previous home. They are both less than a year old, and are the best of friends, so they must be adopted together. Unfortunately, their previous owner developed some health issues that prevented them from being able to care for Ricky and Lucy. These two sweet birds love making new friends, and would be an excellent choice for someone who would like some cheerful companions in their life. Watch Video

Lazuli is a female budgie who was found outdoors eating from a wild bird feeder. Since she was found outdoors, we don't know her exact age. Lazuli loves to make new friends and would do well living with another budgie. This beautiful little bird would be a fantastic choice for either a new or experienced bird owner. Watch Video

Perky is a female budgie, about 7 years old. Her previous family could not keep her due to health issues, but was sure that Perky would find a wonderful new family through CPR. This little bird is very sweet and would do well living with another budgie. Watch Video

Citrine is a male budgie of unknown age. He was recently founds outdoors, so we don't know precisely how old he is. This cheerful little guy loves to chatter and sing and would make the perfect companion for either a new or experienced bird owner. Watch Video