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Checker Emerald Jeremiah

Mikey Rainbow

Checker is a female Yellow Crowned Amazon, approximately 37 years old. Unfortunately, her previous home just didn't have enough time for Checker. She is full of personality, and loves to chatter with her friends. She may even purr if she's very happy. Watch Video

Emerald is an incredibly sweet 20-year old male Yellow-crowned Amazon. Emerald lived with one family since he was a baby. His previous owner moved, and couldn't take Emerald along. This bird is remarkably quiet for an Amazon and talks mostly quietly to himself. Emerald loves head rubs and playing with toys. Watch Video

Jeremiah is a male Yellow-Crowned Amazon who is approximately 12 years old. Jeremiah's previous owners became too old to care for him, and they are hopeful that Companion Parrots Re-homed will find him another wonderful family. This sweet guy is full of personality, and loves to chatter all day long. Come meet Jeremiah and see if he's the perfect bird for you! Watch Video

Mikey is a 15-year old Red-lored Amazon. This sweet little guy may be missing some of his feathers, but he has a fantastic personality. Mikey loves making new friends and performing the silliest acrobatics. We're not sure if Mikey is male or female, but check back soon for the gender result. This sweetie will be a fantastic companion to whatever family welcomes him into their home and hearts. Watch Video

Rainbow is a wonderfully sweet Amazon of unknown age and gender. He has a big personality, and is always excited to meet new people. This bird will melt your heart in no time! Rainbow loves to spend his days playing with toys, and has yet to meet a treat he doesn't like. Do you have room in your flock for Rainbow? Watch Video