Companion Parrots Re-Homed
Companion Parrots Re-Homed

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Saturday, July 18, 2020

Please join us Saturday, July 18th from 11 AM to 4 PM for the VIRTUAL parrot party of the year!


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Parrot University is an institution of higher education for pet-bird owners. At Parrot University, people learn how to ensure a good quality of life for their avian companions. No doubt, parrot ownership can be a challenge -- but we are here to help. Far too often, pet bird owners feel that their only option is to relinquish their bird when problems occur. However, an educated pet-bird owner is more likely to share a long-term relationship with their bird. We invite you to enroll in any or all of our courses. Although courses are free, donations are always welcome and go directly toward the care of the birds in our program. Most courses run approximately 2 hours and are held at various times throughout the month.

Parrot 101: This course focuses on the basics of pet-bird ownership from health and nutrition to outfitting the cage to hazards in the home.

Avian Health & Wellness: In this course students learn about their parrot's health and signs to look for that indicate illness. Learn what to expect during a vet visit and about common pet-bird diseases.

Avian Behavior & Training: Does your bird exhibit a behavior you would like to change? Would you like to train your bird to do tricks? If so, this course is for you! This intro to Applied Behavior Analysis covers the basic terms and concepts necessary to understand and apply this training method. A short demonstration follows the course.

Fun with Food: There is a $10 fee for supplies. You leave with a quart sized bag of chop. This course is designed to teach food flock psychology and the basics of feeding a diet that promotes good health and prevents illness and disease. The class includes tips, tricks and recipes, and you'll watch as our birdie chef prepares a recipe that your bird is sure to enjoy.

Toy Class: Learn how easy it is to supplement the toys you purchase at Parrot University with those you make yourself. Enrich your birds life by learning to make toys that stimulate his/her curiosity and eliminate boredom.

Looking for a speaker for your group? In addition to our popular education programs at Parrot University, CPR offers one-hour off-site programs. Attendees will learn about the joys and challenges of living with a companion parrot. This program is only available in and around the Charlotte area. Donations welcome. Call 704.889.2325 for details.

So You Want A Talking Bird?
Designed for people thinking about whether or not to adopt a parrot. Learn about the joys and challengers of living with a companion parrot.

Check our class schedule for new offerings or special events featuring nationally known presenters on topics in avian behavior and training.

If you have questions, contact The courtesy of a cancellation is requested, because all instructors are volunteering their time. All courses are taught onsite at Parrot University in the CPR Education Center. Courses are open to new or seasoned bird owners, adopters and the general public.

Note: Parrot 101 and Avian Health & Wellness are required for all adoptions. Additional courses may be necessary for specific birds in our care.

Let us be your owner's manual for responsible pet ownership.