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Companion Parrots Re-Homed

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Saturday, July 18, 2020

Please join us Saturday, July 18th from 11 AM to 4 PM for the VIRTUAL parrot party of the year!


Adoption Process & Policies

Adoption Process

Adopters will have:
  • A completed Adoption Application on file.
  • Two classes completed -- Parrot 101 and Avian Health & Wellness -- within the past six months. Additional classes may be required, depending upon the bird.
  • Spent time bonding with the bird; three visits minimum. Birds may not be handled until you have completed at least one of your required classes, and only with a staff person present. We recommend that you call to schedule an appointment to handle the bird in which you're interested, so we can guarantee that staff will be available to work with you.
  • Physical exam by an avian veterinarian completed for other birds in the home within 12 months (negative psittacosis required).
  • Home visit completed and cage approved.
  • Paid the Adoption Fee
    • Fee Schedule Effective July 2020
    • $30 Budgies (Parakeets)
    • $100 Cockatiels and Parrotlets
    • $200 Conures and Quakers
    • $275 Meyer's Parrots, Senegals and all other medium birds
    • $350 Caiques, Amazons, Jardines, Pionus, mini-Macaws (Severe Macaw and smaller) and mini-Cockatoos (Citron-crested and smaller)
    • $400 Eclectus Parrots, large Cockatoos, large Macaws
    • $500 African Greys
Due to the Home Visit requirement, potential adopters located more than 120 miles from our facility should please inquire prior to making application.

Adoption Policies

Adopters must agree to the following:
  • Not to breed the bird.
  • Not to take the bird outdoors unrestrained (must use cage or harness).
  • To keep the bird in a 100% smoke free environment.
  • To provide an annual veterinary examination by a CPR approved avian veterinarian.
  • To feed a well-rounded diet of high quality pellet, fresh vegetables and fruit, grains and nuts.
  • To allow follow up home visits if needed.
  • To surrender the bird back to CPR if for any reason the bird cannot remain in the custody of the adopter.
  • Paid the Adoption Fee.
Adopters pay an adoption fee, which helps to offset the costs of medical exams, treatment, food and supplies. Adoption fees range from $30 to $500.

CPR is cautious about adopting birds into homes with very small children. No bird will be adopted into homes with bird-aggressive dogs, cats or other animals that could present a danger to birds.

No more than two parrot adoptions per home are permitted within any 12 month period.

CPR reserves the right to decline adoptions based on an excessive number of birds (or other pets) already in the home.

CPR reserves the right to decline to place a bird in any home that it does not feel would be a good match.

Adopted birds may not be sold, given away, bred or used for any type of monetary purpose.