Companion Parrots Re-Homed
Companion Parrots Re-Homed

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Saturday, July 18, 2020

Please join us Saturday, July 18th from 11 AM to 4 PM for the VIRTUAL parrot party of the year!


About Us

Companion Parrots Re-homed (CPR) is a 501(c)(3) all volunteer nonprofit organization whose purpose is to rescue companion parrots from harmful or unwanted situations, to accept surrendered, found or injured parrots, and to adopt these birds to qualified homes.

Although the organization originally began operating in 2003, CPR received nonprofit status in October, 2008. Since 2006 the adoption program has been located at Parrot University in Pineville, NC. Parrot University is a full service parrot supply store whose focus is education of owners. Additionally it offers high bio-secure boarding.

Each bird accepted into the CPR program receives a veterinary examination, testing for disease and medical treatment if necessary. The bird is then placed in a quarantine home for a minimum of 30 days before coming to Parrot University for adoption.

CPR was organized because of the growing need to place parrots in new homes due to owner surrender, escape or rescue from poor living conditions. Considering the longevity of a parrot's life it is not uncommon for a bird to have several homes during its lifetime. CPR's main focus is to identify potential adoptive homes and educate caregivers in all aspects of proper parrot care. Another focus of CPR is to work with parrot owners who may be struggling with their own bird's behavioral issues and to help resolve those issues in the hope that surrender will not become necessary.

Visit us at Parrot University
321 South Polk St, Pineville NC 28134
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